Integrating GPS tracking unit and remote management data into your business is only of the picture. The real value is unlocked when a custom development solutions is developed to fit the particular nuances and business procedures of your operations.

For example, being able to identify whether the refrigerated compartment of a truck is at the optimum temperature, whilst that that truck is enroot a thousand times more valuable than just knowing the speed and location of truck. The business and software solution to GPS tracking is where the real value and return on investment can be realized. Right from its inception THE EXTREME TRACK has gone through a comprehensive testing phase covering all aspects of vehicle tracking system before offering services to its valued customers. Our state of art automatic vehicle tracking unit (AVTU) which is the combination of world latest technologies GPS+GSM+GPRS+GIS.This device is capable of performing multiple tasks as:

  • Real time tracking
  • Panic button facility
  • Mobilization/immobilization
  • Battery tempering alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Daily history report
  • Monthly history report
  • Fuel monitoring report
  • Geo fences
  • Live tracking
  • Route history
  • Bonnet lock
  • Web tracking
  • Over speed alarm
  • Door lock & unlock
  • Location on mobile
  • Voice communication facility
  • Anti jammer unit
  • Fuel monitoring

And many more: