C.E.O Message

EXTREME TRACK was established in 2008 with an idea of providing the most modern GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Technology to Pakistan. As we embark on the next stage of the Fleet Management revolution, EXTREME TRACK has committed itself to being a true leader in Fleet Management. This is one of the most important times in EXTREME TRACK history. We have emerged from a challenging period in the previous years as a much stronger company today. One that is now more focused, streamlined, and more committed than ever to true innovation. In Pakistan is the only Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management Company having the global resources in place for both R&D and certainly for the technological capability. Due to high levels of customer service, a significant numbers of our innovative, educated and quality conscious customers including most national and multinational companies continue repeat business with us t maximize the fleet efficiency and to take the maximum benefits of there investment as per International Standards.

Ch. M. Ashan Nazir